Sunday, September 21, 2014 10:30 - 6:00 at Minglewood Hall

Eating Competition

Team Kookamonga Challenge
This is not for the faint at heart. Teams of two will race against the clock and other teams’ stomachs to finish of the most Kookamonga Burger in the quickest time. A Kookamonga Burger is giant cheeseburger served at Kooky Canuck, a downtown Memphis restaurant know for their great tasting big food. The Kookamonga burger is  four lbs of fresh ground-chuck, two pounds of custom made hamburger bun, and one and a half pounds of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese…SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS TOTAL, with the fries being optional.

Rules and Application

2013 Best Memphis Burger Fest – Cooking Competitions


Teams must enter at least one Burger cooking competition. There are no additional entry fees for entering more than one cooking competition.

 Best Memphis Burger

This is the main cooking competition of the festival. All teams are encouraged to enter a burger for judging in this category. This is your best burger. It should be primarily beef but may contain other meats, veggies or cheese stuffed or cut into the patty. Win this category and you’ll be Best Memphis Burger Fest Grand Champion. KCBS style blind judging will apply.

 Best Veggie Burger

A veggie burger is built around a patty resembling a hamburger but made with vegetable protein, black beans, soybeans, etc., instead of meat. Teams have complete creative license on this one.  KCBS style blind judging will apply.

Best “Anything But” Burger

The “Anything But” burger competition is for burgers that are NOT MADE FROM COW BEEF. Foul, fish, pork and game are examples of acceptable entries. KCBS style blind judging will apply.

Best Extreme Burger

An Extreme burger should be exactly that, Extreme, but also creative. To qualify for this category, Extreme Burgers must weigh at least 2 lbs, including toppings and bun. Go tall, go wide or go home! Remember, just because it’s extreme in size doesn’t mean it’s a winner. BE CREATIVE TOO!

All Extreme submissions must be free standing (large tooth picks or wooden skewers may be used). Scoring is based 100% on appearance and presentation. After judging, teams must eat their Extreme burger or provide samples to the public to avoid wasting food. Extreme burgers will be placed on a large table for judging. No markings may be used to indicate team name.

9 am Bloody Mary

Teams will turn in one garnish glass of bloody Mary and 15 3 oz cups for each judge.

Rules and Application