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Burger Fest is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally produced products available. We are are a family oriented event and reserve unconditional discretion to accept or refuse any vendor.  That said in our selection process we will seek to provide some exclusivity to our vendors so there will not be multiple vendors with similar offerings. Vendors may not compete in the Bloody Mary or Burger Competitions from their vending spaces. Team areas much best purchased and utilize for the purpose of competing.

Merch Booth Spaces are approx 10×10

Food Vendor Spaces are approx. 10×20.

Cost for space is $100 paid in advance with your online registration. Additionally we are asking you to purchase a one day liability insurance policy through our insurance broker covering you and naming Memphis Paws, Inc. / Burger Fest as additionally insured.

All fees are non-refundable if the event is shut down due to weather or civil emergency.  Priority of placement will be determined by the order in which your reservation fee is received.  

You must remain on site for the duration of the event.  Please be patient we will attempt to get you out as quickly as possible. When cleared to leave the festival grounds the Vendor shall remove and properly dispose of all rubbish, trash and discarded materials, including food and grease. Vendor is responsible for bringing appropriate containers for disposal and removal of such disposables. ALL GREASE MUST BE PROPERLY DISCARDED AND REMOVED FROM THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS BY THE VENDOR AND NOT PLACED INTO THE FESTIVAL’S DUMPSTER.

As an exhibitor you agree to protect, save and keep Memphis Paws, Inc. DBA, Best Memphis Burger Fest, all presenting sponsors and their representatives and agents forever harmless from any claims or charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance whether occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitor, or those holding under or through the exhibitor, and exhibitor shall indemnify and hold them harmless, against any and all loss, costs, damage, liabilities, causes of action, debts or expenses arising from or by reason of any injury to exhibitors, their employees, agents or guests or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the contract. When acts of God, work stoppages or any other cause not within the control of show management make it impossible for exhibitor or any of his materials to occupy or function in the show premises, the Exhibitor shall waive any claim for damages or compensation.

The Festival Committee reserves the right to prohibit and remove the exhibit and/or sale of items that are not in keeping with the family nature of the event and which offend the moral standards of the community or are found to be causing a nuisance or disturbance by selling them at the Festival. Similarly, no unethical or unlawful practice will be tolerated.  The decisions of the Festival Committee with regard to these reserved rights are final.

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